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Diversity and inclusiveness

UMC Utrecht promotes inclusive employership with inclusive onboarding, inclusive leadership, and a representative workforce. Read more about diversity and inclusiveness at UMC Utrecht.

In 2022 we carried out the Dutch Inclusiveness Monitor (NIM). Our cultural diversity was also mapped. The results show that majority groups at UMC Utrecht experience the environment as more inclusive than minority groups do. In 2023 these outcomes further stimulated the dialog on diversity and inclusiveness at UMC Utrecht. We also focused on creating more awareness and to become a more diverse and inclusive employer. Some of our activities in 2023:

Raising more awareness of inclusiveness and diversity

The This is Us movement  that started in 2023 has brought more awareness of inclusiveness and social safety. Specific actions were also undertaken to raise awareness, for example during Diversity and Inclusiveness (D&I) month at Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital (WCH), and gender week in the Psychiatry section.

In addition, together with Utrecht University, we organized Mindlab theater performances  on social safety. Some 200 colleagues saw the representation and gave a positive appreciation of both the representation and the discussion afterwards. Inclusive leadership was in the spotlight during a D&I breakfast session. We have also adapted the D&I offer for leaders in Connecting Leaders . The first module was well received by managers. We furthermore asked an external party to screen our recruitment and selection process for diversity and inclusiveness. Areas for improvement were highlighted that we shall tackle in 2024.

Participation Law jobs

On July 1st, 2023, 78 colleagues at UMC Utrecht were employed under the Participation Act (76 FTE). We organized an informative meeting for managers to encourage them to recruit employees under the Participation Act.

More members in the USP Inclusive Network

The USP Inclusive employees’ network at the Utrecht Science Park endeavors to support employees with an (occupational) limitation or (psychiatric) vulnerability. The network is a cooperation between Utrecht University, UMC Utrecht, and Hogeschool Utrecht.In 2023, with the collaboration of UMC Utrecht, the network launched its own website  and various successful events and workshops took place. 59 more members joined the network in 2023, bringing its numbers up to 168. 37 of the members work at UMC Utrecht.

Unite and support bicultural and LHBTIQA+ colleagues

Within UMC Utrecht there are specific groups of bicultural and LGBTIQA+ colleagues. Both groups have launched an employee network with successful kick-off events. The LGBTIQA+ network BeYou joined the ranks of Utrecht Pride 2023 along the quays from UMC Utrecht, and organized a successful Pride event at UMC Utrecht.

The number of female colleagues remained very high in 2023.

Consistently high proportion of female talent

Utrecht actively pursues a policy on female talent, in healthcare as well as research and education.The total number of female colleagues remained very high in 2023.73% of our colleagues were female (72% in 2022). In 2023 the percentage of women in top-level medical, scientific, and management positions remained the same as in 2022, namely 54%. The number of female professors went up in 2023 to 36% (32% in 2022).