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Exploitation of research

Translating scientific knowledge into impactful solutions for patients and society is one of the important goals of UMC Utrecht. To achieve this goal, we support researchers and other professionals in exploitation and funding via the Research Support Office , Utrecht Holdings , THINC , UtrechtInc , and a number of programs such as the Ureka Mega Challenge .

Utrecht Holdings

Within Utrecht Holdings in 2021, 34 new ideas were introduced from UMC Utrecht, 7 requests for patents were filed, and 2 licenses were granted for the marketing of innovations from UMC Utrecht. Based on knowledge from UMC Utrecht, 7 startups were launched. One of these startups pertains to the innovation of 3D-printed orthopedic implants, which can improve the treatment of patients with an orthopedic condition. Another example is the surgical treatment of scoliosis at a young age. Also in 2021, the first patient with cancer was treated with a cellular immunotherapy innovation from UMC Utrecht.

5 new startups from Utrecht Inc

In 2021, the startup incubator UtrechtInc welcomed 5 new startups with a UMC Utrecht background in their program and startup ecosystem: CryoCloud, MEDxAI , PapSamurAI , MIAMAP  and Nanocell Therapeutics .

TKI subsidy from Health Holland

In 2021, the top sector Health Holland released released EUR 3 million via the TKI subsidy for projects initiated from UMC Utrecht. The TKI subsidy is a financial incentive for researchers to set up innovation projects with companies. One of the seven selected public-private projects from UMC Utrecht is the research program MRIguidance that will ensure radiation-free imaging for patients with scoliosis. With MRI, both bones and muscles show up, which means less exposure to radiation for patients.

Ureka Mega Challenge

2021 was the eighth year in which the Ureka Mega Challenge was held. 22 ideas were submitted.

Via the Ureka Mega Challenge we stimulate and support colleagues to transform innovative ideas that fit in with our Connecting Worlds strategy into actual products, tools or work methods/processes that can be used in the field. And that improve the quality of care, support a healthy lifestyle, give patients more control over their disease and treatment, and improve or make healthcare professionals’ work more efficient.2021 was the eighth year in which the Ureka Mega Challenge was held. 22 ideas were submitted. 8 ideas were taken through in the Ureka stream. The winner was BE-FAST . BE-FAST is an eye-movement analysis method using AI and a smartphone, whereby a cerebral infarction (Posterior Circulation Infarct Stroke or PCIS) can be detected early. Early detection means a better quality of life for the patient (less invalidity, hospitalization, and diagnostic testing) and lower medical costs.