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Developments in education

A number of developments took place in 2022 in the field of education that we would like to highlight:

Two new programs started in 2022.

New programs started

In September 2022 the new bachelor’s in Care, Health and Society started. This interdisciplinary bachelor’s program is offered by the faculties of Science, Veterinary Medicine, and Medicine. The new master’s in Medical Humanities also started. This interdisciplinary master’s program is offered by the faculties of Medicine and Humanities.

Curricula revised

To update our our Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, and Clinical Medical Science programs and keep pace with developments in society and technology, we started in 2022 with preparations to revise the curricula of these programs. To do this, we are conducting focus discussions and pitch and inspiration sessions with students, lecturers and internship trainers. The aim is in 2024 to have a blueprint ready for the reforms.

Implementation of CZO Flex Level

In line with the countrywide education project CZO Flex Level we started in in 2022 with EPA-based courses in the fields of Acute Care and Intensive Care. We also worked further on the implementation of EPA-based courses in the field of Medical Support. The education project contributes to being prepared for healthcare demands of the future. (Continued) training courses recognized by the Board of healthcare training programs (College Zorgopleidingen or CZO) for specialized nurses and medical-support healthcare professionals are being updated and made more flexible to give healthcare professionals more career options by being trained more efficiently and being more flexibly deployable.

Virtual Reality (VR) in education

Virtual Reality teaching can be used as an alternative for and addition to skill-based and practical education and responds to the need to make the safe practice of specific skills within education accessible and to prepare students better for new situations. In 2022 we developed three VR apps (scenarios), namely:

  • VR Sterile Lab (Biomedical Sciences program), where students can practice working in sterile lab conditions to prepare them for real laboratory work.

  • VR Preparing an OR for Surgery (Surgical Nurse and Nurse Anesthetist training programs), where the procedure ‘preparing an OR for surgery ’ can be practiced repeatedly as preparation for OR practice.

  • VR Neighborhood Internship (Medical training program), in which students are prepared for an internship in the neighborhood and made aware of the patient context with a patient in a consulting room and in a home situation.