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Supervisory Board

“Proud of UMC Utrecht”

2021 was for UMC Utrecht the second year in a row that, due to COVID-19, a lot more was asked from all employees . We have great respect and appreciation for the organization’s agility and the commitment that everyone there has shown in the past year. Not only to provide the best care to patients, but also to keep making an innovative contribution at a high level to the scientific debate, research, education, and the healthcare of the future.

With all its activities in 2021, UMC Utrecht also played an important role in society, always together with the people of Utrecht, partners, and (political) leaders at regional, national and international level. In this way UMC Utrecht brings worlds together - a true reflection of our Connecting Worlds strategy. We also appreciate the precision and thoughtfulness that UMC Utrecht demonstrates towards all employees and students, including through extra psychological and social support.

Besides developments and innovations, as described in this report, we as Supervisory Board also had to deal with a number of managerial changes in 2021. We said goodbye to Mirjam van Velthuizen-Lormans en Anouk Vermeer-de Boer, two highly appreciated members of the Executive Board with whom it was a great pleasure to work. We are glad to have been able to appoint two very capable new members, namely: Josefien Kursten and Remco van Lunteren. Their arrival has brought a good mix of knowledge, diverse backgrounds, and gender equality to the composition of the board. There has also been a change in the Supervisory Board, as Gerrit van der Wal’s second term came to an end. The Dutch Minister of Education, Anne-Mei The, was appointed as member of the UMC Utrecht Supervisory Board as of June 1st.

What we saw at UMC Utrecht in 2021 has confirmed that there is a very solid organization in place, with a great impact on society. An organization that we as Supervisory Board are proud of. We are therefore also entirely confident that everyone at UMC Utrecht will continue once again in 2022 to make a valuable contribution to connecting worlds and creating the health care of the future. We look forward to being involved in this again, and to offering support where needed.

On behalf of the Supervisory Board,
Caroline Princen, Chair