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Our five strategic KPIs

We measure our success in achieving our ambitions according to our five strategic key performance indicators (KPIs): patient satisfaction, employee satisfaction, student satisfaction, impact of research, and financial health.

Patient satisfaction

The satisfaction of our patients  with the care we provide, has not decreased. Outpatients rated us in 2021 with an average score of 8.7, and hospital patients with 8.6. We therefore scored higher in 2021 than in previous years, and above our target of 8.5. In the past year, we treated many COVID-19 patients with joint forces. This meant that we were obliged to cancel or reduce the treatment of certain patient groups, and that we had to offer care to our patients in a different way. We now do 50% of all repeat consultations digitally and monitor patients at home using smart e-Health applications from our Medical Control Center . In this way we bring care to patients at home. Patients appreciate our remote care at least as much as our physical care. They give a score of 8.4 to the patient portal.

Employee satisfaction

The rating that our colleagues  give to working at UMC Utrecht went up slightly in 2021 compared to previous measurements. In the 2021 fall survey, 49.8% of the employees rated the working experience at UMC Utrecht with a score of 8 or more. 48% did so In 2020. Colleagues’ overall appreciation in 2021 was 7.4. We can be proud of the contribution that we delivered together during the pandemic. 2021 was an eventful year for everyone with many changes and a lot of work pressure. In 2021 we were also particularly attentive to psychosocial support for our colleagues. And by working together across departments and divisions, we proved to be capable of deploying all available capacities as fast as possible and together deliver good care, good research and good education and innovate in all areas.

Student satisfaction

Our students  are predominantly very satisfied with our education. Students rate 90% of the courses at or above the expected level. The percentage of courses that got rated as remarkably good exceeded our standard of 7% with 18%. We are very glad about this, considering the big changes that our education experienced due to COVID-19, and the fact that we switched massively from in-person teaching to digital solutions. Our target for 2021 to have 30% of our lecturers and trainers follow the bias training with regard to diversity and inclusion, was achieved with 39%.

Impact of research

The target for our research  in terms of recruitment power is EUR 112 million, which we achieved in 2021, despite COVID-19: over 155 million (123 million in 2020). A lot of research was unfortunately delayed due to COVID-19, both the execution of existing research and the setting up of new research. An exception here is research that have to do with COVID-19. In fact, a large increase and acceleration was seen here. In 2021, 95% of our research was conducted within our six focal points.

Financial health

UMC Utrecht is financially sound . Our return of 0.3% is lower than our longterm policy of 1%. Achieving a positive result, and adding it to our equity capital, is in line with our goal and ambition to deploy resources for our primary processes and maintain the value of our business. Our consolidated result of EUR 4.9 million is about EUR 5 million lower than the result over 2020, and also about EUR 5 million lower than the budget for 2021. This result is due especially to a cumulation of incidental income and expenses and a complex COVID-19 year that came out negatively on balance.