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Supervisory Board report

“Proud of our exceptionally committed, driven and skilled UMC Utrechters”

After the first few months of 2022, UMC Utrecht like the rest of the Netherlands was fortunately able to step away a bit from COVID-19. As a Supervisory Board we could therefore once again see and talk with many UMC Utrechters in person as of old. For example division managers, heads of staff departments, and research and training centers. We were also able to conduct open discussions with representatives for instance of the Works Council, the Client Council, and the R&D Council. This gave us good insight into what is at stake in our establishment. What the developments are, which aspects are working well, and where the challenges lie.

Topics that were for example covered during these talks and consultations with the Executive Board included developments in remote care and the task of providing care for patients who had to wait for treatment due to the pandemic. Our experience is that informed choices were made in this regard based on the interests of the patients and that much attention was also given to the wellbeing of the staff. In addition, the full scope of research could be resumed and e have seen some fine results, new innovative research that have been launched, and far-reaching cooperation with (inter)national parties. Excellent steps have also been made from The New Utrecht School, such as preparations for the revision of training curricula, and we have also seen a lot of attention to the wellbeing of students. The war in Ukraine has also affected employees and the institution, and was therefore a focal point.

What struck us time and again in all these discussions was the commitment, drive and skill of the people. As Supervisory Council this makes us especially proud of the organization and all its employees.

All in all we see that UMC Utrecht is working continuously on the implementation of the Connecting Worlds strategy and that all parts of the organization are adapting it to the specific topics and questions at hand. And that within the frameworks there is adequate and flexible response when developments require it. Through the contribution of many of our employees in 2022 the healthcare of the Tomorrow movement was also launched in order to work faster and in a focused way on creating the care of the future. We are thoroughly aware of the of the sometimes difficult and painful choices that have to be made in this respect.

Lastly we note that, despite the management changes in 2021, the Executive Board in 2022 once more formed a close-knit team and worked together effectively. This is praiseworthy and necessary considering the challenges that UMC Utrecht will also be facing in the coming years.

It is the people - in all divisions and departments and at all layers of the organization - who together make UMC Utrecht what it is. And, as we clearly saw in 2022, in this regard things are going particularly well. We are fully confident that in 2023 the organization will again be able to cross the necessary hurdles and meet the challenges.

Supervisory Board UMC Utrecht,
Caroline Princen
Marianne de Visser 
Dave del Canho 
Aloys Kregting 
Han van Gelder  
Anne-Mei The

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