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Talent development

We consider it important that everyone at UMC Utrecht has the opportunity to grow in knowledge and skills. We support, encourage and accompany our colleagues in talent and career development, for example through education and training, career coaching, or advice on mobility.

Developing each person’s talent

We want to support our employees in their career and personal development and increase awareness of sustainable employability. This is why we offer our employees various tests, exercises and online training courses in personal and professional growth via our digital portal LEV (Career Development and Vitality). Topics include career development, vitality & health, and happiness at work. Employees can also have a discussion with an e-coach. We further offer a wide range of online training courses from Goodhabitz. These courses are short, to-the-point, and easily applicable to everyday practice. In 2022, 2,279 employees made use of LEV (1,194 in 2021) and 4,725 employees made use of the Goodhabitz online courses (3,478 in 2021).

To give employees more direction and ownership in their personal development, in 2022 we also organized the Personal Leadership training course through the NL Leert Door subsidy. 66 colleagues made use of this.

In 2022 we started with three talent programs for scientists.

Development of highly talented academics

In 2022 we started with three talent programs for scientists, to support them in building and giving meaning to their academic career:

  • The PhD Boost Program, aimed at PhD students in the second or third year of their thesis.

  • The UHD Program, for UHDs/Associate Professors who can take the next step within two years.

  • The New Professor Program, for Professors in the first five years of their appointment.

In addition, three new programs have started in our Research Career Development Program for Post-docs and UDs/Assistant Professors who can take the next step within two years. In total, 148 employees took part in these talent-development programs in 2022 (24 in 2021).

In the appointment process for UHDs/Associate Professors in 2022, we launched a pilot with six career profiles derived from the ambitions around Recognize & Appreciate and Open Science for scientists.