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Diversity and inclusiveness in research

At UMC Utrecht, we believe it is important for our researchers to take the diversity of the patient population into account in their research before and during the study. Knowing for whom research findings are applicable or not, and what differences there are in disease profiles and treatments between populations, are prerequisites for good research and good care.

At the end of 2021 we published our Gender Equality Plan on our website and in 2022 we developed a policy  to facilitate inclusive research. In it we included the input of the Research Café. In the coming years we will continue to support our research staff to promote diversity and inclusiveness in research. For example by organizing events, offering concrete guidelines and tools, and facilitating relevant training and courses.

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Research Café

In February 2022 the tenth edition of the Research Café for research staff focused on diversity and inclusiveness in research. Those who attended talked about questions like: what can researchers do to promote diversity in research, and how can the UMC Utrecht Research Office support them? The input from this event was used to develop our policy for inclusive research.