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Vitality and sustainable employability

UMC strives to be a healthy and good place to work. A workplace where not only the health of the patient but also that of our colleagues is central. It is therefore very important to create a vibrant and resilient working environment.

Special attention for nocturnal workers

To give our approximately two hundred colleagues who work nightly in our hospitals extra support, we continued in 2023 with the Energetic@night pilot (launched in 2022). Energetic@night helps nocturnal workers to find and maintain a good balance between work and rest, which is often especially challenging for this group of colleagues. The feedback we receive from nocturnal workers is positive. They are for example feeling fitter.

In 2022 hadden we speciale aandacht voor onze circa tweehonderd collega’s die ’s nachts werken.

Psychosocial support

As in previous years, we continued in 2023 to focus on (psychosocial) support and the vitality of our colleagues. In our ongoing ‘Work in Balance’ program, we offer all colleagues the possibility to get psychosocial support through 1-on-1 conversations with in-house counselors. This offer was also available in 2023. In total, over 205 colleagues made use of it (257 in 2022), and our in-house counselors conducted about 1,100 conversations (1,088 in 2022).

Less sick leave

Sick leave in 2023 decreased from 6.3% to 5.7%. 36% of the employees who reported sick and who consulted the in-house physician suffered from overexertion, burn-out, or other psychic ailments. The average overall amount of sick leave at UMC Utrecht is lower than the average percentage of sick leave in the hospital sector (an average 6.5% up till the 3rd quarter in 2023), but higher than the percentage of sick leave in the Netherlands (4.8%, source CBS ).

Everyone in the right place

It is important for us that everyone at UMC Utrecht should be in the right place. In 2023, 107 employees reported for a replacement process. Of the 89 replacement processes completed in 2023, 43 people once again found a job at UMC Utrecht or were able to resume their own work. Another 14 people found a job elsewhere. In total, 17 employees were taken up in WIA and 6 in WW.