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Integrity is an important prerequisite to fulfilling our mission ‘Together we improve the health of people and create the healthcare of tomorrow' . Whether it’s the way in which we act towards each other (social integrity), how we do research (scientific integrity), how we handle business choices (business integrity), or how we act towards patients and stakeholders in research (professional integrity). Our way of working is described in our Integrity code of conduct and in our Research code. These codes also indicate to whom a (suspected) breach of (scientific) integrity can be reported.

Ombudsman and Confindential Matters

In 2023, the Ombudsman and Confidential Matters office received 276 notifications (as opposed to 257 in 2022).

Most of these notification pertained to questions and issues regarding problems in cooperation and/or conflict situations. 67 issues had to do with a situation between an employee and a manager, and in 37 cases it was a situation between employees only. As in previous years the notifications in this category often had to do with disrupted communication patterns, ongoing work pressure, and a number of situations with insufficiently strong leadership qualities.

38 notifications were related to legal position and 38 to inappropriate behavior. The number in this last category therefore dropped by 13 compared to 2022. The continued focus from society on the topic of transgressive behavior did not lead to an increase in the number of notifications, but on the contrary to a decrease. Possibly the tools and tips that we provide online via This is us have made it clearer for employees how they could act in situations where they experience inappropriate behavior themselves, or where they have witnessed such a situation.

In 2023 we also developed and implemented the e-learning program ‘Appropriate behavior at UMC Utrecht’ with a learning path for employees as well as managers. In addition our Ombudsman and Confidential Matters office gave extra presentations/workshops in teams/sections on the topic of inappropriate behavior at work. Information was given in these and discussions on inappropriate behavior were facilitated.

Whistleblower procedures

In 2023 there was one notification in the scope of the Whistleblower procedure at UMC Utrecht, following a notification of possible irregularities in share transactions of two former shareholdings of Utrecht Holdings, the Knowledge Transfer Office of Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht.

Last year Utrecht Holdings declared irregularities in which three (former) employees were involved. The ongoing criminal investigation on the parties involved drew media attention at the end of 2023, since one of them is active in national politics. The criminal investigation is still under way and the Executive Board is considering the possible next steps to take.