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Cooperating with patients

At UMC Utrecht we want to work together in a structural way with patients and their families when it comes to healthcare, education  and research . Our goal is to make decisions together, so that we can be in line with patients’ needs, expectations and possibilities. With the knowledge and experience of our patients, we can continue to improve and innovate healthcare, education and research at UMC Utrecht. In our approach we work closely with a network of patients and caregivers as well as the UMC Utrecht Client Council.

Campaign for deciding together on the most suitable care

In 2022 we launched a campaign on how we work together with patients to ensure the most suitable care. We show that at UMC Utrecht we want to get to know the patient as as person. We talk with the patient about what is important to them. Before, during and after treatment. So that we can decide together which care suits the patient best. Because; together we make a difference . In addition we offer various tips and tools to facilitate the personal dialog with each other.

We would like to get to know you/learn from you

An example of how we help patients and caregivers is the questionnaire We would like to get to know you/learn from you. We developed this questionnaire together with patients and caregivers. In 2022 we started using it for patients under the age of 18 . We have also been using the questionnaire for a longer time already for patients from the rehabilitation and neuro-oncology units. Through the questionnaire a patient can for example indicate what activities are important to them now and in the future, what worries them with regard to their health, and what they expect from an appointment/treatment at UMC Utrecht. Patients can answer the questions via the patient portal My UMC Utrecht. The answers will be visible to the care provider in the Electronic Patient Record (EPR). The next step is to offer this to all patients of UMC Utrecht.

Facilitating cooperation with patients

In 2022 we undertook a number of activities to facilitate cooperation with patients.

One of these was to establish the Bureau for Patient Input (BPI) . This entity brings together the staff’s demand for experience-based knowledge of patients, and the offer that patients can bring in this regard. To encourage patients/family members to defend their own interests, the BPI has developed a course for patient partners. The course deals with questions like: what is patient participation, how can I participate effectively, how does UMC Utrecht work, how can I best share my knowledge (and experience)?

In addition, in 2022 we launched two new e-modules on patient participation for staff members. One is a basic module for all staff members, as an introduction to cooperating with patients in healthcare, education and research, and the other is a module on patient participation in research proposals, especially for our researchers. The basic e-module on Patient Participation was completed in 2022 by 100 staff members starting from July 2022, and the e-learning for researchers by 35 (also since July 2022). A model for education is in the making.