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Collaborating with patients in research

Ondersteunen onderzoekers in samenwerken met patiënten Helping researchers to collaborate in research

To help researchers at UMC Utrecht to work together with patients, UMC Utrecht has since 2022 been offering an e-learning course on how researchers can include collaboration with patients in a research proposal. At the request of researchers we also translated this e-learning course in English in 2023. The e-modules are already being used a lot (93 times in 2023), including in education. An e-module on collaboration during research projects is coming soon.

Students learn to collaborate in research

In the education batch Clinical Scientific Research (KWO), 3rd-year medical students learn how to set up and perform scientific research. Patient participation forms a fixed part of this course. Since September 2023, patients also give feedback on research proposals that students have to do in small groups.

Collaborating with patients in METC applications

Research with human test subjects must first be tested by a Medical Ethics Testing Committee (METC). Since March 2023 the METC application form also includes questions on patients’ involvement in the setting up and performing of the research. A master’s degree student writes a clear explanation for researchers on the extra questions.