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Talent development

We consider it important that everyone at UMC Utrecht has the opportunity to grow in knowledge and skills. We support, encourage and accompany our colleagues in talent and career development, for example education and training, career coaching, or advice on mobility.

Talent development for scientists

In 2021 we started with the new implementation of a specific talent policy for scientists. The pilot for the Research Career Development program for 24 post-docs and university lecturers/assistant professors also got off the ground. In addition, we set up talent programs for the other three career levels in science (PhD students, associate professors, and professors).

With the Research Career Development program we support talented young researchers in building their academic career. We define talent here not only on the basis of measurable research output, but also for example based on their contribution to Open Science, leadership and social impact. In the selection for the program we take gender diversity and the cultural/international background of participants into account. The program includes - besides recognition and appreciation and Open Science - topics like personal efficiency, networks, and negotiation.

LEV, career development and vitality

To support all colleagues in their career development and increase awareness of sustainable deployment, we offer colleagues a variety of tests, exercises and online training in the field of personal and professional growth via our digital portal LEV (for 'Loopbaanontwikkeling en Vitaliteit', or ‘career development and vitality’) The topics of these instruments include career development, vitality & health, and happiness at work. Colleagues can also have a discussion with an e-coach. In the past by telephone and email only, but since 2021 also online via MS Teams. A wide range of training courses from Goodhabitz is also available via the LEV portal. The courses, for example on productivity, communication and personal strength, are short, to-the-point, and easily applicable to everyday practice. In 2021, 1,194 colleagues made use of LEV, and 3,478 followed training courses from Goodhabitz. To help colleagues work from home effectively and with pleasure over a longer period of time, we also organized several workshops in 2021 on health and efficient remote working.