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Appreciation of our colleagues

UMC Utrecht conducts three employee-experience surveys a year. With these surveys we want to find out to what extent UMC Utrecht is a good place to work.

In 2023, an average 47.2% of our colleagues at UMC Utrecht rated their job satisfaction with 8 or more.

This is a good score, and slightly higher than in 2022 (48.7%). The overall appreciation (score) of colleagues in 2023 was 7.2 (7.3 in 2022).

We once again saw a slight increase in colleagues’ appreciation of development opportunities: In 2023, 70.7% of our colleagues indicated that they were positive about the development opportunities that UMC Utrecht offered (69.8% in 2022). This percentage is slightly higher than in 2022, but below our target of 72%. At the same time, 84.1% of our staff indicate that they take pleasure in their work (target 85%). This is more than in 2022 (83%). We are of course happy about this.