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Recruiting new colleagues

There was also a tremendous shortage on the labor market in 2023. By drawing attention to UMC Utrecht as an attractive employee and bringing our vacancies to the attention of the right target group via online campaigns, we succeeded in getting a lot more applications. In 2023 we received 19,298 applications, compared to 15,309 in 2022. This is a 26% increase. In total we filled 1,387 vacancies in 2023 (20% more than in 2022).

The right person in the right place

To attract new colleagues, we expanded our reach on the labor market in 2023. For example, we improved our visibility and are now working with via-via recruitment. With the reactions and open applications we received, we have built up a talent pool from which we can fill vacancies. We also organized various Live@ events where people who are interested could get to know a department online. Lastly, we paid extra attention to our students and future colleagues, including with campus recruitment. To make the application process more accessible, it is now also possible to apply through WhatsApp.

Flexible working via our Flex Office

Via our Flex Office (‘the Workshop’), nurses, administrative staff, and (medical) students can find temporary and flexible jobs at UMC Utrecht. This gives people the opportunity to gain experience in various divisions and to see for instance whether UMC Utrecht suits them, also in terms of flexibility in the schedule.

In 2023 we started to make use of so-called ‘ad-hoc nurses’. These nurses draw up their schedule three months in advance, but will only find out in which department they are deployed shortly before they go on duty. This trial got a positive assessment: much fewer beds had to be ‘closed’ as a result.