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Recruiting New colleagues

Like all UMCs and many other organizations, UMC Utrecht is also suffering from the tight labor market and finding it difficult to properly fill all vacancies. In 2022 we therefore focused on developing creative solutions for finding new employees and optimizing our systems and processes for an optimal candidate experience. We posted 1,145 vacancies (FTE) in 2022 and hired 1,247 applicants.

Optimizing data-driven recruitment

In 2022 we optimized recruitment marketing and data-driven recruitment. With these optimizations implemented, we managed to increase the number of applicants slightly to 15,309 in 2022 (14,751 in 2021).

Recruitment processes and candidate experience optimized

Based on various projects, we worked on the optimization of our (recruitment) processes and candidate experience. One major project here was the overhaul of our ‘Working at’ website . With over 2.2 million page views annually, this is an important resource for job applicants. A central aspect of the new website layout is the candidate experience in finding information, suitable vacancies - for example a position in the OR or in the pharmacy - and a clear application procedure for each vacancy, for example that of administrative assistant for general-practitioner training . (Potential) job applicants can also get a clear impression of what exactly the position entails, by reading the many stories that colleagues have shared . These stories can also be seen through our social media channels, for instance Facebook and Instagram .

A cup of coffee Utrecht style!

To get in touch with potential new employees in an approachable manner, we thought of and set up a creative recruitment tool in 2022 called ‘Een bakkie doen!’ (which literally means ‘Let’s have a cup of coffee together!’). The results are successful with 150 from the nurse target group who registered and 18 who accepted in the second half of the year. Current colleagues are also making use of the option to go for ‘a cup of coffee together’, whereby the tool also contributes to internal mobility and retention.

Labor-market communication sharpened up

In 2022 we sharpened up our labor-market communication strategy and recruitment based on the priorities that were fixed according to our Connecting Worlds strategy. The focus of our recruitment activities has as a result become more focused on designated critical professions emerging from programs, such as the Future-proof Nursing program. To add force to this, we hired a strategic labor-market communication specialist and developed innovative videos that we will use for our recruitment in 2023.

Flex pool for nurses, healthcare supporters and students

Within our nurse flex pool, we set up a ‘Corona pool’ during the covid pandemic. In 2022 we were able to dismantle the Corona pool. Several nurses from this pool went on to a permanent position at UMC Utrecht. In addition some thirty healthcare supporters from the flex pool also found a place in one of our regular teams.

From the nurse flex pool, we deployed over seventy flex nurses by 2022 and were able to offer twelve nurses a traineeship within our Future-proof Nursing program. After the traineeship, these new colleagues all found a follow-up position at UMC Utrecht. Following this successful start of the traineeship program, we started to recruit the next batch of trainees at the end of 2022.

Via our student pool, over 700 students find a regular job in our hospital each year. In 2022, we also specifically looked for students who could be employed for administrative assignments for longer than three months. As a result, we were able to build a pool of over 60 students and make the first successful matches. We also remain a valued party for the healthcare network in the region in posting (medical) students. For example, even after the corona crisis, we continued collaborations in 2022 with GP practices and the National Coordination Center for Patient Spread (LCPS), among others.