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Reducing the environmental impact of drugs

In 2023 we focused on reducing the environmental impact of drugs, with an emphasis on redispensing and on preventing waste.

Sustainability through the redispensing of drugs

In 2023, UMC Utrecht continued with the ROAD (Redispensing Oral Anticancer Drugs) study in collaboration with four hospitals led by Radboud UMC. We studied the possibilities of having certain cancer drugs in tablet form that are not used by patients, redispensed to others. This initiative reduces waste, CO2 emissions, and healthcare costs. The results were positive: it appeared possible to redispense while maintaining quality. The study is being pursued and expanded to more hospitals in 2024.

25% fewer seringes wasted in IC

In collaboration with the pharmacy A15 in 2023 we achieved a 25% reduction in the wasting of syringes in IC. By sterilizing syringes after preparation, we are now autonomous for eighteen weeks instead of four. This has brought wastage down to only 5%. We would like to expand this success to other departments in the hospital.