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Resilience and wellbeing

In 2023 we worked on further embedding resilience and wellbeing in education. Some of our initiatives:

Social safety in education: This is us

In May 2023, the ‘This Is Us’ campaign got off the ground. We brought This Is Us to the attention of students and lecturers through various activities. For example, we organized a ‘This Is Us’ College Tour, and were present at the introductions of the Medical program and the Graduate School of Life Sciences with This Is Us. We also integrated This Is Us in the mentor- and buddy-training day, the faculty-wide tutor-training day, and Education Day. We furthermore drew up a plan for the 2023-2024 academic year in which we specifically included student and lecturer perspectives. We also developed a code of conduct and an e-module called ‘consent matters’. This module is available for all first-year students in Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (as an optional course).

Improve students’ wellbeing and resilience

Together with Utrecht University we developed a varied offer of training courses and workshops on wellbeing and resilience for students . A sample from our offer: Tackle stress, Resilience, Here and Now, personal leadership: making choices, mental fitness: training courses in VR. We also offer students personal coaching.

Symposiums on resilience

More and more room is also made for students’ wellbeing and resilience within our curricula. For example, in 2023 we organized for the second time an end-of-the-year symposium with a focus on resilience and wellbeing in the Biomedical Sciences bachelor. This symposium is compulsory for all first-year students. They have a choice between the workshops that are offered. And in November 2023, we organized our first symposium with the same setup for third-year Medical students.