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Diversity and inclusiveness in our organization

UMC Utrecht wants to be a place where everyone is welcome and can be themselves. We believe in the power of diversity, which makes us more complete and better in our work. We are all different. And it is these differences that bring more movement, more opportunities, and questions to answer together and inclusively. Thanks to these different perspectives, we can put ourselves better in the patient’s position. And recognize the patient in ourselves. This is how our research touches a wide variety of people and how we educate inclusively. In short, each person’s unique story makes our story complete.

In our policy, we focus both on being an inclusive employer  and on diversity and inclusiveness in education , research  and healthcare . To reach our goals in terms of diversity and inclusiveness, we work from within our Implementation Plan for Diversity and Inclusiveness that we drew up in 2023. Based on an evaluation, we are establishing goals for 2024 and 2025.