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Our core tasks

Our mission is together to improve people’s health and create the healthcare of tomorrow. For this we are focusing on three core tasks:

Patient care

We offer qualitative and effective care according to the most recent insights to patients, in line with our care profile. This includes care for which we have a statutory duty, such as level 1 trauma care and care to patients with rare diseases via our expertise centers for rare diseases , care within our six focal points, and complex care (such as multi-specialist or multi-diagnostic care). Our objective here is to work together with patients , so that we can give patients care that is suited to them. Read more about our impact for patients.


We do scientific research, with narrow links between our basic research and the more applied and clinical studies. Our research focuses on six multidisciplinary programs (focal points), which also integrate care to bring about the healthcare of tomorrow. Thereby we ensure that new developments and knowledge can rapidly benefit the patient and healthcare innovation. Questions from our patients ad from society form an important starting point for our research. Read more about our research for the healthcare of tomorrow.


We offer training for our students and (bio)medical researchers, doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers via our principles of The New Utrecht School . In this way we train top professionals who contribute to the development of expertise in and for healthcare: for the healthcare of today and of tomorrow. We involve both our students and patients in the development of our training programs. We offer scope for development and a climate of continuous renewal. Read more about our impact for our impact for students.