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Quality of education

Professionalization of lecturers

In 2022 we developed the Basic Teaching Qualification (BKO), Clinical Teaching Qualification (KKO) and ‘Individual guidance of students in the workplace’ further. For this we gathered inter-professional feedback and implemented it in the training programs. The first two groups of lecturers also started with the Clinical Teaching Qualification (KKO) program, and we appointed dedicated evaluators (with a link to the clinic) and developed supporting documents for this purpose. In 2022 the first nine KKO certificates were issued, and we started with a new group of fourteen participants.

Quality funds

By converting the basic grant for students, an extra amount of approximately € 1.2 million becomes has been made available for the Medical faculty of UMC Utrecht each year from 2020 until 2024 to further improve the quality of education. In 2019 we drew up a long-term plan with students and lecturers on how we will spend these quality funds. In 2022, we used the quality funds among other things to focus more on student wellbeing and made more coaches and psychologists available for students. We also implemented innovations in education and worked on further professionalization of lecturers. At the end of 2022, in coordination with students and lecturers, we adjusted the plan for 2023 and 2024..

NPO resources for Medicine

In 2022, in accordance with the spending plan, we spent the resources via the National Education Plan (NPO) for Medicine (over € 750,000 in total) on: providing training for new internship supervisors, expanding a license for digital education in surgical specialties (one-time), developing new internship placements, hiring new staff (six doctors in clinical education (AKOs), and secretarial support per block of internships. 

A lot of focus was therefore put on facilitating internships. At the end of 2022, waiting times for internships had been eliminated completely. However, in 2022, fewer students also did internships, as a relatively large group took a break in 2022 due to effects of the corona pandemic. We expect that more students will once again want to do internships in 2023.