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Diversity and inclusiveness

UMC Utrecht strives to be an inclusive employer. An inclusive culture with inclusive onboarding, inclusive leadership and a representative workforce are some of the factors that are important here. To add extra impetus to it, we appointed a full-time Diversity & inclusiveness policy advisor in 2022. Read more about diversity and inclusiveness at UMC Utrecht.

To get an understanding of employees’ experience of inclusiveness at UMC Utrecht, we carried out the Dutch Inclusiveness Monitor (NIM) in the fall of 2022. Approximately 30% of our employees filled it in. The results show that groups who are in the majority at UMC Utrecht experience the environment as more inclusive than those who are in minority groups. For example, based on a migrant background, or whether or not they have a leadership role.

To be a more inclusive employer, we undertook various activities in 2022.

Participation-law jobs

In 2022 we established a new organizational structure to increase the intake and support of employees under the Dutch Participation Act. We appointed an external job coach and have started to create jobs within our divisions and departments and to recruit candidates. Unfortunately no numbers are available for participation jobs and employees in 2022 due to reduced administrative capacity. Furthermore in 2022 we helped with the setting up of a wide USP Inclusive employee network at Utrecht Science Park (USP).


We want to state clearly that there is room for everyone at UMC Utrecht and that we want to give everyone equal opportunities and equal treatment. During Pride month, we conducted various actions to focus specifically on diversity and inclusiveness when it comes to sexual orientation and gender identity.

For example, to encourage and support dialog on this issue in the organization, we handed out rainbow key cords with a card giving tips and guidelines on Coming-Out Day. A colleague also shared her story and vision of inclusiveness at work in an article. And of course, we hoisted the Pride flag. These actions were received very positively by our colleagues and will be repeated in 2023. In 2022 we also explored to find out whether there was interest among employees in an LHBTIQA+ employee network.

Bias training

All of us have unconscious associations (biases). By becoming aware of it, we can turn them around and in fact benefit from underlying differences in our work. Our bias training courses explain what bias is, what forms of bias there are, and how these can affect us and our work. In 2022 we delivered bias training courses to colleagues, including many who are involved in education. There were more than 180 participants in total within these groups. We therefore achieved our target. A colleague also started in 2022 with a study of the impact of bias training. Besides these bias training courses, employees can also request tailored training and follow courses and modules on the Goodhabitz platform, such as ‘Mastering your prejudices’, ‘Cultural diversity’, and ‘Tribes of the future’. We also have a Diversity and Inclusiveness module as part of our leadership program, Connecting Leaders.

Net number of female colleagues remained very high in 2022.

Female talent

UMC Utrecht actively pursues a policy on female talent, in healthcare as well as research and education.The total number of female colleagues remained very high in 2022.72% of our colleagues are female (the same percentage as in 2021). In 2022, the percentage of women at management level and diversity management (incl. the Executive Board) rose to 54% (39.5% in 2021). The number of female professors went up in 2022 to 32% (31% in 2021).